November Nature Challenge

For this November Nature Challenge, we want to inspire you to spend 30 in nature each week, alone, and with no cell phone or other distractions. A 30 minute walk in the woods is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, release happy chemicals in your brain. This exercise is meant to inspire you to take baby steps in that direction!


· Try to spend 30 minutes per week in nature
· You must be alone
· No cell phones or other distractions
· Focus your attention on nature; flora, fauna, etc
· You can sit, walk, run, climb, or sleep. As long as it’s in nature!
· Have fun!!!

Here’s a list of suggested places to visit:

· Acadiana Nature Station
· ULL Alumni Center
· Moncus Park
· Your back or front yard
· Anywhere outside, really!

And remember, life happens so don’t beat yourself up if you miss an appointment with nature. This is just an exercise to get you in the groove!

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