Transparency is very important to us. This section will keep you informed of every action and decision of the Board of Directors of Nature’s Journey for Mental Health. 

9/7/2022 – The founding of Nature’s Journey, and the formation of our first committees

On Wednesday, September 7th of 2022, we commenced our initial board meeting with the signing of our articles of corporation. We voted unanimously on the bylaws of the organization, which instated our officers as follows:

• Hunter Trahan, President
• Joseph Miceli, Vice President
• Amy Dupuis, Secretary Treasurer

By bylaw, we committed to the following purposes: 

• To reflect the steadfast love and mercy of Jesus Christ to people struggling with mental health
• To share the peace and healing that God’s creation gives us so that it can be a tool that aids in mental wellness
• Do the aforesaid without agenda
• To do so without the expectation, pressure, nor requirement that any participant must practice Christianity nor conform to its values

After discussing our 2022 Fall calendar, the following committees were formed:

Foster Family Adventure Day

Committee Director: Amy Dupuis
Purpose: To gather volunteers for the adventure day hike, lunch, scavenger hunt, a bioactive vivarium class, and a day hiking 101 class including gear and trail recommendations.
Details: Tentative date November 19th.

Day of Ecotherapy Education and Practice

Committee Director: Hunter Trahan
Purpose: To gather volunteers for a day of guided meditation, supplied lunch, and an Ecotherapy Class by a volunteer licensed ecotherapist.
Details: Event date is dependent on the schedule of our volunteer licensed therapist. Further details coming soon.

Monthly Nature’s Journey Community Gathering

Committee Directors: Hunter Trahan, Joseph Miceli, Amy Dupuis
Purpose: A monthly potluck gathering in a public outdoor park where members can visit, relax, play outdoor games, and discuss topics and plan ecotherapy adventures. Each gathering will also have an optional community activity such as; flag football, soccer match, guided meditation, outdoor yoga, etc.
Details: Tentatively scheduled for October 2, 2022, 3pm at Moncus Park, November 6, 2022, 3pm at an undetermined location, and December 4, 2022, 3pm at an undetermined location.

We also discussed other tentative activities for the future that are not yet fully fleshed out. The meeting then concluded with a birthday celebration for Nature’s Journey for Mental Health!