The Birth of Clarity Excursions

The Birth of Clarity Excursions, Alexis Lemoine

     Seven years ago in the middle of a hot summer, two friends of mine and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to the Ozarks. With very little research and plans, we set out on a five day venture to camp, cook, explore, and connect with nature. From the drive there to the drive back, I experienced a feeling that could only be described as the true power of what nature provides for us: a profound sense of clarity. This trip changed my life. I laughed my way through the entire time and my spirit was soaring. I also cried and allowed myself to feel the range of my emotions. I felt a deep connection with the river and the land. I felt held and supported. I left that trip thinking how can I give this feeling to other people?

     That is when Clarity Excursions was birthed. I came home and began my research. I started looking at what other people were offering and how I could be inspired by that and make it my own. I proposed the idea to my good friend and chef, Marissa Foti, and she was all in! We planned our first trip around the New Year of 2017 and it was a success. Over the years we have successfully completed 5 Clarity Excursions’ trips as well and 20+ camping trips on our own; learning more and more and falling deeper in love with nature each time.

“I realize that I am not here to heal nor “fix” others. I am here to simply set the container in which one will come to explore and connect with themselves.”


     My role is to build the structure and to hold a safe space for people to do the work of healing themselves, and to give them the greatest care I can offer. We do this by organizing a weekend trip of hikes, meditations, share circles, exercises, plant-based meals, an offering of energy healing, and little details that make all the difference.

     Camping really does change your life. You are forced out of your routine and into a new one that you adapt to quite easily–it’s so easy and organic to connect to the earth and all of her wisdom because you are completely present with everything surrounding you. Time slows down and all that really matters is tending to your basic needs. You notice things you may typically miss, and insight and messages flow through to you with ease. There’s this sense of connectedness with everything, and the elimination of technology, and therefore distraction, gives room for your mind to process and to receive those messages that can quite literally be life changing. I always come home from a camping trip a little changed; and for the better.

And the laughter. Oh my, the laughter that erupts from such a deep place when the spirit has so much space to break free.”


With love,

Alex Lemoine