Trash pickup at Acadiana Nature Park. Hosted by Riverside Church of Christ, with the support of Parish Proud

Come show your love and appreciation of nature and creation by stealing trash at the nature station! Nature is the place where your brain is meant to function. It restores your soul with no extra effort. We need to show love and appreciation for our planet and outdoor therapy spots. 


  • Date: Saturday, July 30th, 2022
  • Time: 9am
  • Location: We will meet at 9am at the tennis courts of the Acadiana Nature Park 
We’ll meet at the Acadiana Nature Park tennis courts at 9am. From here we will spread out and pick up all the trash across the soccer fields and recreation areas. We will plan to meet back at the tennis courts between 9:30 and 9:45 to start our group guided trail hike, guided by Acadiana Nature Station Museum Curator Kyle Patton!

Recommended Prep

  • Long sleeves to protect from sun and bugs
  • Comfy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • A hat to protect your lil eyes from the sun
  • Bug spray
  • Water
  • Good vibes underwear
  • Your love for the outdoors
  • Your best dad jokes
  • One trash bag (optional)
  • Gloves to pick up trash (optional)

Parish Proud and Riverside Church will be providing trash bags, pickup tools, and water, but it’s always best to over-prepare!

Follow-Up Guided Hike

Once we’ve cleaned up the recreational area, we’ll begin a guided hike lead by Kyle Patton, the Museum Curator of the Acadiana Nature Station. He’ll show us some cool hidden treasures in the woods, and teach us a bit about our local wilderness.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Parish Proud for providing supplies, and  Riverside Church of Christ for hosting the event.

We are probably going to see some pretty gnarly spiders! 

Disclaimer: You are not allowed to eat the spiders!