Skye’s Guide to Moonscape Overlook in Kisatchie National Forest

HEY I’m Skye and I’m a labrador retriever human hybrid. Today I’ll be telling you about how to have fun at Moonscape Overlook OKAY LET’S GET STARTED

Things To Bring!

  • Human – Never travel into Kisatchie National Forest without your human. 
  • Bandana – A bandana is both a fashion statement and also has some other uses too, I’m sure of it! 
  • Treats – Bring plenty of high protein snacks to keep you energized!
  • Water – There’s creek water if you have a filter, but always bring fresh water! 
  • Bark – Your barks go a long way. I’ll explain later. 
  • Tail for wagging – There’s lots to explore, so bring pup-like curiosity and your tail to show your excitement. 
  • Flea and tick spray – There are lots of ticks and bugs, so bring tick spray and your best scratchin’ paw. 


Rocks! There are so many rocks to stand on at Moonscape Overlook, and you can see the whole forest from up here!

No seriously you can see the whole forest. And there’s a rock chair for humans. 


You can zoom around and there’s basically no end to this magnificent yard.


You will never find so many smells. 

  • Black bears
  • White tail deer
  • Coyotes
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Possums
  • Eagles
  • Snakes

At night I hang out with pop to look at the sky and it’s lights. 

Howling Forest Dogs!

There are forest dogs that HOWL at night and it’s so calming to listen to them while snoring in the tent with your pack.

Holy MOLY I almost forgot. You can bark SO FAR into the woods and it actually barks back! LISTEN! 

Thanks for reading!

Moonscape Overlook is an incredibly fun place to run around and explore. You should definitely go there with your entire pack! And doggonit, please be super careful. Always watch for snakes, bring a first aid kit, and pack plenty of water! Happy trails!