ULL Ragin Cajun Formula SAE Racecar

I’m riding my bike when I see two guys working on an awesome-looking Formula something looking racecar. I stopped to chat with them and learned they’re engineers Brady Fontenot and Andrew Dixon with ULL’s Formula SAE racing.

And as it turns out, it was my lucky day. They took it out to Cajun Field to test the fuel injection and suspension (let’s be honest, they just wanted to drive the thing). I was able to take a bunch of photos while we were out there and had the chance to chat with Andrew and Brady for a while. Really cool guys with an awesome racecar.

Formula SAE

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. It’s a Formula racing league for college level engineers and driver. The max cc is 710cc but 600cc engines are most common.

UL Lafayette’s Formula SAE Racecar

I’m no engineer, so I’m only going off what I was told! But it’s really interesting!

The ULL car was built from the engine of a CBR 600cc motorcycle. The motorcycle clutch and shifter have been brought together in the cockpit, and is handled somewhat like other Formula style shifters. You can see the motorcycle chain at the back of the car too.