Photography of Louisiana

Louisiana Wildlife and Natural World

Macro photography is a great way to marvel at the smaller parts of creation.


Each year Louisiana Spring fills our fields with thousands of tall-standing thistle flowers, each with their own blend of purple and violet, attracting dozens of insect species.

thistle flowers louisiana wildlife

These vibrant pink and purple thistle flowers attract bees, ladybugs, and other insects every springtime.

thistle flower and lady bug

A lady bug exploring a thistle.

wisteria vine

A blooming Wisteria vine is a favorite of the honey bee.

spring plants in louisiana

Spring flora prepare to seed and germinate as the first warmth arrives in South Louisiana.

wild rabbits in louisiana

An infant wild rabbit hiding in the underbrush.

Photographer Comment: I found this baby rabbit on a nature hike while looking to photograph wild rabbits running off as I walked through their territory. This was the only goober I found and I held him for a little bit before putting him safely back in his nest in the underbrush.

A hawk roams the skies over a cow pasture in Maurice, Louisiana.

Haunted & Abandoned Buildings in Louisiana

Nature adopts what we abandon – as is her sacred right. Eventually pulling it back into her Earth as dust through ancient alchemy.

The 20+ year abandoned school was quiet, but didn’t feel empty. Filled with the Ghosts of the old souls who once  walked the halls, eager/bent on being remembered

Louisiana Culture

Zachary Richard is a pinnacle of Louisiana music culture.

Zachary Richard photos. Old house photos. Festivals. etc

The Engineering group at ULL built a Formula SAE racecar with a 650cc motorcycle engine and other donated parts.

The Cajun Heartland State Fair is a long tradition in Lafayette, Louisiana in the Cajun Dome parking lot known as Cajun Field. These photos were taken in a long exposure, capturing the moving light of the attractions and creating a ghostly, empty feeling for the participants.

cajun heartland state fair
cajun heartland state fair
cajun heartland state fair

Cajun Heartland State Fair long exposure photos

Photos of Louisiana’s Night Sky & Nightscapes

breaux bridge sky photography

Wispy evening clouds over the sunset paint a skyscape over the Cargill Salt Mine in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

louisiana long exposure star trails kisatchie national forest kincaid

Wise old pine trees contemplate a starry night over Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest at the Indian Creek campground. As the Earth rotates along her axis, the stars appear to move across the sky. After capturing over an hour of light, that movement appears as the star trails you see here.

Ever notice how trees never feel like strangers?

louisiana pecan island milky way photos astrophotography

The winter milky way over a family camp in Pecan Island, bordering the swamp lands leading to the Gulf of Mexico. Pecan Island ranks very well on dark sky maps offering some of the best stargazing in the South. While the exposure time was increased to bring out more of the sky, what you see is more aligned with how God intended Creation to be admired without light pollution.

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  • alligator in pecan island / zoo
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