Adopting Skye

Recently I decided I wanted to adopt a shelter dog and become a dog guardian and companion. I met Skye on a Saturday at the Lafayette Animal Shelter and I wanted to take her home that day. But she was on stray hold so I had to wait 4 days before I could pick her up. I thought about her every day.

Here’s our first photo, the day we met in the yard at the shelter.

I first saw her when I walked by her kennel, and we couldn’t get close enough to each other through the cage. I asked volunteer Mrs. Mary Beth if I could meet Skye out in the yard. We spent about 40 minutes in the yard playing fetch, cuddling, and playing. I fell in love, and knew that I wanted to adopt her and take care of her.

The day I picked her up from the shelter she was malnourish, scared, and still coming out of her sleep from her surgery. I took her to PetSmart where she was finally able to relax in her new bed while I shopped for her dog things. She’s since gained weight and is happy and healthy 🙂 

She loves water. I’ll take her for a swim when it warms up!

She has her own bed but she chooses to sleep with me. Fine with me!

She loves the outdoors

She has plenty of toys and chew things

She gets a lot of attention

She’s already done a lot of exploring. In addition to our daily walks, we hike trails and explore.

I’ve started training her to sit, come, and fetch, as well as dog manners. She’s very smart and well behaved for a pup!

She’s enjoying all the treats that come with training.

She gets lots of outdoors time and already has a few dog friends

For the first 16 years of my life my older brother was a golden retriever named Jacques. As with many of us, dogs have a special place in my heart. Now I have another companion in Skye and she’s a great family member.