Abandoned Catholic School in Lafayette, Louisiana

We went over to the abandoned Holy Rosary Institute in Lafayette, Louisiana to take some photos. The first place we checked out was the abandoned gym.

After stepping over some rubbish, the interior of the gym was still pretty open. The windows were still open and so we had a good view of the entire place. The basketball court had begun to buckle in the heat, and most of the wooden interior was rotten. The bleachers were old and creaky but we could still walk on them.

The equipment rooms were completely packed with old junk, so we left it alone and stuck to the gym which was interesting enough.

Next we walked around the campus where we found mostly boarded up hallways and classrooms. But some of the rooms were not locked off, so we were able to see what time can really do to a place. We found a few classrooms, a greenroom, and some other cool stuff.

There was no way to explore the interior of the school. All doors were either boarded shut or naturally overgrown. Many of the windows were blown out but even if we crawled through them, the bottom floor was a heaping pile of rubbish from each floor having collapsed almost completely. But that was no obstacle. The back wall of the school was completely overgrown with vines and was a sight in itself.

Everything will look like this someday. Beautiful.